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How to Clean Mouse Pad

How to Clean Mouse Pad
How to Clean Mouse Pad

How to Clean Mouse Pad

Mouse Pads get dirty dusty and greasy during long-term use. We can clean them and use them longer just like keyboards and mice. A dusty, dirty mouse pad can affect tracking and cause your mouse to not slide across the surface.

Rubber and Plastic Mousepad

Rubber and plastic coated mouse pads are the easiest to clean mouse pads. All you have to do is clean the surface with a wet wipe. If the stains on the surface are not removed, you can also use a small amount of dish soap.

Fabric or Cloth Mousepad

What you need: Mild dish soap, Cleaning brush, Towel.

Put the mouse pad in the tub of water. Drop a small amount of dish soap and scrub with a brush to remove stains. After finishing the cleaning process, dry the cloth part thoroughly with a towel. It will be ready for use in a few hours, depending on weather conditions.

Note: This cleaning method is for mousepads without RGB/cables.

Mouse pad lifespan: Mouse pads wear out due to friction and naturally deteriorate over time. Imagine a tire for motorsports The mouse pad's sliding surface in e-Sports is under the same tough use conditions as these. Its wear and tear is inevitable and natural. In car races, tires are changed more than once in a race.

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